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A Vision for Sustainability: Real World Results

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Developing a plan is one thing. Delivering real-world results is another. And delivering results is exactly what Macy’s, Inc. has done and continues to do in our commitment to sustainability. As a leading national retailer with a large workforce we have an amazing opportunity to make a meaningful difference for the environment.

From decreasing the amount of total waste and waste sent to landfill, to cutting our energy and electricity consumption, our store and support locations – more than 915 as of Oct. 21, 2016 – are making a major impact.

To give an idea of what we’re doing and what we’ve accomplished so far, here’s an excerpt from the Macy’s, Inc. 2016 Report on Social Responsibility:

We are reducing our use of scarce resources in a meaningful way:

Macy’s, Inc. is continuing to pursue ongoing programs to reduce our waste stream, recycle more and seek to use paper made with post-consumer waste. We are migrating more of our output to electronic/digital, including large-scale projects such as monthly customer billing statements.

We are managing energy use, in real time, in an integrated approach:

During 2015, the company continued to leverage its experience and the best practices of a comprehensive, integrated energy management strategy using fault detection and diagnostics across our portfolio of stores.

With nearly 10 years of consolidated general operations, and centralized control and standardization of operating parameters for the company, the energy management team has developed robust energy management tools in-house and invested in systems that assist in energy management efforts across the portfolio.

The company’s continued refinement of a centralized, real-time energy management system, and weekly coordination calls with field staff, address energy issues. We rely on quick discovery and correction of equipment- and occupant-related energy use issues, and increased engagement of field staff around energy efficiency to realize annual energy savings due to real-time energy management.

Other Sustainability Achievements

It doesn’t stop there. For more than a decade, Macy’s has been making significant sustainability progress on many fronts. We’re constantly seeking new ways to minimize our environmental impact and protect scarce resources – and many of those achievements are highlighted throughout the Macy’s Green Living website. (Take a look at how retrofitting 380 stores with LED lighting is cutting energy usage, for example).

The Numbers Tell the Story

Beyond the data we share in our Report on Social Responsibility, here are a few other statistics on our sustainability efforts:

Note: All statistics exclude the company's freestanding Bluemercury locations; Bluemercury was acquired in 2015. Statistics for Total Waste, Total Waste Recycled and Total Waste Sent To Landfills also exclude the company’s freestanding Macy’s Backstage stores, which opened in 2015.