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Earth Week 2017 Recap

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Earth Week at Macy’s was bigger and better than ever with more events in more locations across the United States. From the beaches of Hawaii to the corporate offices in New York City, Associates came together to connect with nature and make the world around them a little greener.

The New York City Go Green ERG and MMG Green Team hosted a retail-industry panel about sustainability for a packed house. Panelists tackled issues, including clean water, chemicals, and the impact of the apparel industry on the environment. Event organizer and Go Green ERG spokesperson Laurie Rondo noted that many of the panelists hadn’t met one another coming into the panel, “So they made some great connections, too. From an industry point of view, we have a lot of great things going on in sustainability!” (Watch for an upcoming Green Living article with more details about this exciting event, and check out our coverage of last year’s panel.)

MST in Johns Creek is in the process of creating a new Go Green ERG. The group held an electronics recycling event that collected more than 1.5 tons of recyclable electronics — enough to fill six palettes with PCs, printers, monitors, power cords, cathode ray tubes and hard drives.

The San Francisco Go Green ERG also held a similar event in partnership with Green Citizen and the location’s property management company. This event kept a large volume of electronics out of our landfills, having generated great participation and even greater results.

The Go Green ERG in Cincinnati hosted a lunch and learn with the city’s Office of Environment and Sustainability. Representative Oliver Croner talked about Cincinnati’s sustainability efforts, including a new addition to the city’s curbside recycling program that recycles textiles, including apparel. “If the items are wearable, they are repurposed,” said ERG Co-Chair, Elena Pfarr. “If it can’t be repurposed, the items are recycled. It’s a great program!” Associates also got new ideas about ways they can do similar things in their own communities.

Dozens of Hawaii Associates joined together to clean up area beaches for Earth Day, creating a cleaner and more sustainable beach environment that also protects native wildlife. Plastic waste and debris in the world’s oceans are a leading cause of stress, injury and death for sea creatures, ranging from fish and sea turtles to endangered albatrosses. Look for an upcoming story about this event, as well as information about the impact of plastics in our oceans and what you can do to help.

With all of these exciting events, it’s impossible to cover them all, so we’ve collected a series of photos showing highlights from some of the great Earth Week events from across the country. Have a photo you’d like to share? Upload it with our photo submission form, and tell us a little bit about it. Your event could be featured in an upcoming Green Living story!