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TRASHion Show Expansion Through MCCS

POSTED UNDER Go Green Employee Resource Groups

What do you get when you mix trash with fashion? TRASHion, of course. Following the example of Macy’s New York team last year, Macy’s Credit and Customer Service (MCCS) Central team decided to expand the TRASHion Show concept to their offices for Earth Week – and found incredible results.

The Trashion Show provided an opportunity for associates to use their design skills to create and exhibit a recycled or reused garment created from items that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash.

The goal of TRASHion is to increase sustainability awareness while allowing our associates to be creative, have fun and promote their talents by creating fashion out of reusable items. MCCS's TRASHion show was the keynote event of their Earth Day celebration, with subsequent events entwined.

Check out the list of teams and where they placed in the competition:

  1. Trashionistas – Designed by Nadine Robinson, HR
  2. Encore – Designed by Kelly Laswell, Credit Marketing
  3. Funk 2 Junk – Designed by Melissa Peacock, Fraud
  4. Funky Junk Designs – Designed by Jessica Summers, L&D
  5. Eco Collections – Designed by Alsha Adkins, Collections
  6. Collections Compost – Designed by Alsha Adkins, Collections

Judges were diverse in their background with Macy’s, and the judging became interesting with the different perspectives brought to the panel.

  • Inspiration: Karen Foos, VP, HR & Diversity
  • Overall Appearance: Megan Gill, VP, CG & Operations Support
  • Creativity: Omari Aarons, Director, Stores Loyalty & LESI
  • Sustainable Materials: Randal McClimans, Business Analyst II, Macy’s Systems and Technology
  • Construction Technique: Phillip McIntosh, Manager, Omni Channel CS and Bedding

Judges were able to ask questions during the show, such as, “Are these items reused or new?” Along with design and presentation, the questions and answers were also included in the judging.

The Trashionistas team was selected as the winner using shredded paper in a skirt form netting as a base for their entry.

In terms of participation, show runners had the challenge of working around the schedules of hourly associates. As a result, the show had to be complete within half an hour while still being engaging and fun.

It was a full runway show with music and an “American Idol” feel. The crowd was very engaged, giving high praise to the selected winners. MCCS is definitely planning this show again next year. “It was called first annual in hopes that everyone would enjoy and it would move forward,” said Ashley White, Manager, Stores Credit Loyalty Education.

In other MCCS locations, mannequins were on display for a full week for associates to see and judge if a full TRASHion show wasn’t possible.

The Go Green audience is growing as more people begin to identify the group thanks to creative Earth Week campaigns like TRASHion Show. We hope their success brings inspiration for you to get involved in whatever way you can. TRASHion events were run by the Go Green ERGs at each participating MCCS location. See how you can start a Go Green ERG in your area.