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GreenFest and Special Guests: A New Go Green ERG Takes Root

POSTED UNDER Go Green Employee Resource Groups

Macy’s San Francisco office kicked off our newest Go Green Employee Resource Group (ERG) with special events, special guests, games and giveaways that tested sustainability smarts. More than 100 people attended the event and took part in trash sorting challenges including the “Wheel of Trash.”

What’s “the Wheel of Trash”? It’s a little like “Wheel of Fortune,” but (you guessed it) with trash and recyclable items. Participants spun a wheel, and when it landed on an item, they had to identify whether it should go in the recycling bin or the trash – and event organizers called it “a great educational experience!”

Other games included a sorting challenge, where participants raced the clock to sort items into the correct bins: Three bins and two piles of trash (changed for each round, to keep the challenge new for participants – and a lot more fun for onlookers!)

The Department of the Environment and Recology, a San Francisco recycling company had information booths set up in a large conference room, and attendees were encouraged to visit the booths to learn more about recycling and waste management in San Francisco, as well as how they could boost their own recycling efforts. Go Green ERG members were recruiting as well, with a sign-up station including information on how to join, what activities and events are coming up, and how to volunteer for Earth Week events. Another information table featured information on Macy’s Green Living and Macy’s, Inc.’s sustainability efforts.

The Go Green ERG team also organized a raffle with a wide array of prizes, including gift certificates, memberships to organizations focusing on sustainability, t-shirts, backpacks, reusable water bottles, and no-touch automatic trash cans – though naturally the Go Green ERG team suggests using the trash cans for compost or recycling.

The hugely successful launch set the San Francisco Go Green ERG on a strong trajectory for Earth Week, with a wide range of events including daily lunch and learns, a cleanup event in nearby Union Square, and a focus on enhancing recycling in the building. Event organizers say they wanted to make the recycling process more tangible and help people understand it in a positive way.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Go Green ERG team – you’re off to a great start, and we can’t wait to hear what you’re doing next!

Interested in joining or starting a Go Green ERG? You can find information on the Portal. Want to share news about something your Go Green ERG has done? Tell us about it, and it may be featured on an upcoming Green Living story!


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