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Exciting Earth Week Events at Macy’s

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Earth Week is a busy time at Macy’s, Inc. locations across the country, as our Associates dig in to make a difference for our planet. With our long-standing commitment to sustainability and the major progress we’ve made in reducing our carbon footprint, we’re proud of our Associates and their hard work. Here are some of the exciting ways that we’re celebrating Earth Week at Macy’s locations around the country this year.

MMG’s Go Green Team is holding a highly-anticipated panel discussion on Sustainability in Retail. Sustainability industry experts on the panel will cover sustainable packaging efforts and options. The MMG team held a similar event last year where leaders in the organic and sustainable apparel world tackled tough issues before a packed house. (You can read more about that event here.)

Other MMG Earth Week activities include a volunteer project at urban school agricultural project Green Bronx Machine, a much-anticipated supply swap (where Associates bring office supplies they’re not using and trade them for things they need), and observing “Power Hour” by lowering or turning off lights for an hour to drive awareness of lighting and power usage. “Earth Week is always a big event at MMG,” said Michael Singer, vice president of Customs and Compliance at Macy’s Merchandising Group.

The Go Green ERG at Macy’s Progress Place is kicking off its first ever Earth Week celebration in a big way. They’re hosting events all week, starting with breaking ground on the new Go Green Garden on Monday. Go Green ERG co-chair Maureen Hunt says events include a lunch-and-learn with a master gardener on effective composting, a volunteer clean-up event at Gorman Heritage Farm and a presentation by a Cincinnati Zoo horticulturalist. Hunt says Friday’s closing event is “an extra-special surprise.” If you’re at Progress Place, make sure you don’t miss out!

Cincinnati’s Go Green ERG is working with Partners in Time to volunteer at Gorman Heritage Farms. Closing out the week will be the first ever “Macy’s Meet Up.” Participants will learn more about the Go Green ERG, have an opportunity to sign up to be an ERG member or sign up for future events including an electronic waste recycling volunteer event, Wednesday Walks, and terrarium planting.

MCCS Clearwater’s Go Green ERG has a big week underway as well. In addition to working on their award-winning sustainable garden, they’re holding a bottle and can recycling competition with teams competing to see who can collect the most recyclables. Like several other Go Green ERGs across the company, they’re holding a Trashion show, featuring recycled or reused garments created from items that would otherwise have been thrown away.

The Go Green ERG in Hawaii is holding two beach cleanup projects on Maui and Oahu, with 70 to 80 volunteers expected to make the beaches cleaner and safer. MST’s Go Green ERG in John’s Creek is in startup mode, but they’re far enough along to get in on the Earth Week fun. Appropriate for the technology team that keeps our systems running smoothly throughout the company, the MST team is holding a three-day electronics recycling event for items such as power cords, PCs and old hard drives, according to Director of Service Support John Taylor, who’s leading the effort to launch the new ERG.

Wherever you are within Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, there’s likely an event happening near you, so connect with your Go Green ERG or Green Team and find out how you can get involved. Don’t know where your nearest Go Green ERG is? You can find it on the Portal.