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October Marks Energy Awareness Month!

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For almost 25 years, October has been deemed Energy Awareness Month, and this year we decided to make a show of it. We’ll be celebrating all month, working to give you all the energy news and tips Green Living has to offer. And we’ll also be running a contest! What’s Your Bright Idea? This month also got us thinking … what has Macy’s, Inc. accomplished in the past year to conserve energy? And what can you do to save yourself some energy?

Macy’s Focus on Energy Efficiency in 2015
In 2012, we set a goal for our company to increase the number of solar installations by about 35 percent. At that time, we had 44 active installations. Today? We have 74 active installations – an increase of 168 percent!

And Macy’s Systems and Technology team saved energy in several of our major data centers with energy-efficient cooling systems, reducing energy by up to 40 percent in some cases.

Our new MCOM offices in San Francisco received LEED Gold certification! The offices have optimized lighting controls, high-performing HVAC and use 30 percent less water than standard buildings.

Our new Fulfillment Center in Tulsa became Macy’s first notable development where most of the building utilizes LED lighting (a big accomplishment for a 2.2 million square foot facility with more than 52,000 lights. In fact, we will save more than 8 million kWh annually, more than originally anticipated.

Bloomingdale’s made great strides by reducing the energy consumption of their stores by nearly 6 percent. They were able to achieve this through LED lighting retrofits and regular feedback meetings with Energy Services.

And finally, Macy’s Ingram Park Mall store in San Antonio was honored by the U.S. Department of Energy for reducing its energy usage over the last two years by 43 percent!

So What You Can Do?
There are plenty of simple enhancements to make yourself and your home more energy efficient - don’t let your hard-earned money go through your light bulbs, your electrical sockets, or out the door.

  • Switch to LED bulbs. Think of all the lights you use in your house. Switching those bulbs to LED can save you hundreds a year on your energy bill.
  • Look out for vampires! The wasted energy that is sucked away by plugged in appliances and equipment is known as an energy vampire or phantom energy loss. Use surge protectors and unplug appliances when you’re not using them.
  • Calculate your carbon footprint using EPA’s easy calculator.
  • Consider solar panel installations. Debating the investment? Well … did you know it’s possible to lease solar power in some areas?

(More tips on being sustainable for fall.)

What’s Your Bright Idea?
Share your energy-saving bright ideas for the home and office. Enter the contest from Oct. 13 - 26 for your chance to win an energy-saving prize package, which includes:

  • LED lamps
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Solar power charger with a universal USB adapter
  • Surge Protector with Remote
  • Solar-powered LED string lights (just in time for the holidays)

We can’t wait to hear from you during Energy Awareness Month!