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So Much More Than Solar at Macy’s Minooka Distribution Center

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Whether you’ve been following Macy’s Green Living for awhile or just checked out our latest corporate social responsibility report, you probably know that generating solar energy plays a significant role in our sustainability efforts. In fact, it’s one of the areas where we’ve made the most progress. Our distribution centers across the country are central to our solar strategy. Their vast expanses of rooftop provide a perfect platform for the solar panels that capture the sun’s energy.

Our latest solar installation at the Macy’s distribution center in Minooka, IL (just outside Chicago), features 6,108 solar panels – enough to cover approximately 30 percent of the 900,000 square foot building. Want to get a sense of how big that is? Check out the drone’s-eye view in this video.

Macy’s Logistics and Operations Maintenance Manager Travis Moore is quick to note that solar panels are only one part of sustainability efforts at the Minooka distribution center. “Macy’s is on the leading edge in sustainability in many ways compared to other retailers,” said Moore, who spent much of his earlier career at Lowe’s and Walmart. “We were already recycling a lot of cardboard, and now we’re recycling fixtures from stores. Macy’s is doing a great job of figuring out what we should be recycling.” Other materials Macy’s, Inc. recycles include office paper, plastic film (plastic bags), hangers and wood pallets – and the company is continually looking for new recycling opportunities.

The Minooka distribution center also has both technology and practices in place to manage energy consumption. “We have occupancy sensors on lights, so if an area’s not being used, it’s dark. During their regular rounds, security personnel also check to ensure fans and lights are off and that no energy is being used unnecessarily,” Moore said.

They’re not stopping there. Other green initiatives under consideration for Minooka are conversion to LED lighting, as Macy’s has already done in stores and facilities across the country. Macy’s, Inc. LED installations already save more than 16 million KWH and $2.5 million dollars annually, and those numbers continue to climb.

More Solar Innovations

But back to the new solar installation. Macy’s solar partner, SunPower, installed a mini weather station on the roof to record temperatures, wind speed and irradiance data to assess system performance and help predict energy production. Moore, who joined Macy’s while the installation was underway, said “I was initially surprised to learn that there are no batteries used to store the solar energy the site creates. It makes sense though; the sheer size of the batteries would make it challenging.”

Considering the wide array of sustainability initiatives at the Minooka distribution center, Moore said “I like leading the way for others. Instead of saying, ‘Here’s what others are doing,’ and following their lead, we’re out in front of it. We’re helping to lead the way.”

Learn more about how Macy’s is leading the way for sustainability in our industry in our latest corporate social responsibility report.

Have an idea about increasing sustainability in Macy’s operations? Tell us about it!


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