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Macy’s Systems and Technology Saves Energy in Our Data Centers

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Did you know…
Data Centers use a lot of energy. And anyone who has walked into a data center server room instantly notices one thing: it is cold. The data servers generate a lot of heat, so the rooms are kept extra cooled to remove that heat quickly and keep the equipment running safely and efficiently. However, more cooling means more energy is consumed.

Macy’s Systems and Technology (MST) has been doing its part to help reduce the energy consumption at our data centers across the country by researching and creating custom solutions that best fit each data center’s needs. We have three recent projects to report on, each with its own custom solution.

Johns Creek, GA
MST’s largest data center cooling installment is fittingly located at our MST Data Center in Johns Creek, GA. At this location, MST installed hot aisle containment (HAC) as an energy saving solution.

HAC isolates the warm and cold zones of the data center into hot and cold aisles. The HAC design involves lining up server racks in alternating rows with cold air intakes facing one way and hot air exhausts facing the other. Cold aisles receive cooled air through the raised floor where the air is pulled across the servers. The heated air exhausts into the hot aisles, and is pulled upward to the plenum for cooling.

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A containment system, such as a plastic curtain wall, is used to isolate hot aisles and cold aisles from each other and prevent hot and cold air from mixing. This means a smaller space is being cooled, leading to greater energy efficiency.

Major benefits of hot aisle containment include:

  • Safety precautions for new technology that runs hot
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Saving energy and improving data center cooling efficiency

Using this technology drops room temperature about four degrees, which is huge in a data center. Especially this center, which at 7,200 square feet supports a large amount of business-critical data for Macy’s.

Lorain, OH
The data center in Lorain, OH is just shy of 6,000 square feet. At this location, MST refreshed the HVAC systems with economizer-based systems to be able to take advantage of free cooling. This method allows the HVAC system to utilize the cooler outdoor air during fall, winter and spring months. It also prevents the center from relying on the compressors as much, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the data center air. This cuts energy consumption by 30 percent to 40 percent in the winter.

Herald Square, NYC
The renovations to Macy’s flagship Herald Square location also included some energy efficient changes for a smaller data center. Through equipment consolidation, MST was able to shrink the amount of equipment that required cooling. HVAC units were refreshed with more efficient units, reducing energy required to cool the room by 25 percent.

All of these projects once again show the success of careful research and innovation at Macy’s. Congratulations to the MST team for making great progress toward more energy efficient data centers.