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Sustainable Deconstruction: All Moved In

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When Macy’s Network and System Manager/SPACE’s Rob Hancock decided to build a new home on his existing property, he knew making it sustainable would require extra time, effort and money. But the alternative – his existing home ending up in a landfill – wasn’t an option for him and his wife, Lisa. Now that their home is newly completed, Rob is certainly glad the process is over, but he knows the peace of mind earned by doing it the right way is priceless.

The Hancock’s loved the location of their home of 12 years, but it became time to either move or renovate. Building a new home on their property became the best option. Before reconstruction, they bought the house next door, giving him a full acre of property.

The first step in the renovation process was the demolition. Rob and Lisa demolished the extra house the standard way. However, they were weary once this initial demo was complete. “I had a bad feeling in my gut, knowing that everything went into the landfill. There had to be a better way to demo,” commented Rob.

After researching, Rob found Building Values, a company that guts houses and saves the materials and fixtures to be reused in other homes instead of wasting everything in a landfill. Building Values also hires people looking for a second chance and trains them to use equipment and dismantle houses. This type of service, although not wildly well known, exists all over the country.

Anything that was salvageable was taken from the house and recycled or repurposed. Rob and Lisa's hardwood floors were actually sold before they were out of the house. Even some furniture was made with the salvaged materials. In fact, their first piece of furniture in his new house was a table repurposed from their old home’s materials – a gift from his Building Values contractor.

During demolition, it was discovered that old barn wood had been used to build the Hancock's old home in 1915, so their home is now technically twice-recycled. Building Values took inventory of everything reclaimed and had it appraised. Based off this appraisal, Rob’s total for donations actually paid for the demolition, a very unexpected and pleasant surprise for the Hancock’s. Rob’s expectations were definitely exceeded.

From start to finish, the demolition and rebuild took nearly one year – Rob and Lisa moved out Labor Day weekend 2013 and moved back in this past Labor Day weekend. The construction process was extremely slow, with the harsh winter delaying everything two months. Rob even shoveled his living room several times. But patience paid off for the Hancock’s.

Their new home is equipped with geothermal heating and cooling, geothermal water heating, top-of-the-line foam insulation and LED lighting – all features that will generate sustainability for years to come. But Rob admits the driving factor behind this sustainable renovation stemmed from keeping their existing house out of the landfill. Although upfront costs were more expensive, the Hancock’s sustainable home will pay off in the long-term. “This is our forever home, so we weren’t going to skimp on anything,” added Rob.

Although he’s always been conservative with resources, Rob adapted more of a green lifestyle when Macy’s started being more proactive. He’s learned a lot from the Environmental Services team he works with, which rolled over into his rebuild. “It starts with caring,” said Rob. “It’s a life practice, and you have to make a commitment to do it.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Rob, and enjoy your beautiful new home. If you’re a Macy’s associate and have a sustainable story to tell, please contact us. We’d love to share it.

  • The Hancock's had two houses demo'd on their property

  • Barn wood was found in the old home through salvaging, meaning the Hancock's home is now twice recycled

  • Interior shot of the Hancock's old home getting sustainably demo'd by Building Values

  • The hardwood floors were sold before they were even salvaged

  • Wood was a highly salvageable resource in the Hancock's home, including their floors and 2x4s

  • The Hancock's broke ground once their old home was sustainably demolished

  • The foundation is poured for the new home

  • A harsh winter stifled the reconstruction process

  • Progress in the rebuild ... and snow

  • A great anecdote now, but not at the time, Rob shoveled his living room several times throughout the rebuild

  • Slowly but surely, progress is made on the new home

  • Top-of-the-line foam insulation was sprayed throughout the new home

  • Foam insulation after it's been installed

  • Rob's favorite room in the house - the garage is even energy-saving, with thick garage doors and insulation

  • The Hancock's first moved-in piece of furniture for their new home was a table made from their old home's salvaged material

  • The Hancock's beautiful and green (literally) home