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Meet the Winners of our Connect with Nature Photo Contest

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We challenged Macy’s Associates to share how they connected with nature this summer in our latest photo contest, then opened up voting to select your favorites.

A record-breaking 10,000 votes were cast. Congratulations to everyone who entered, and especially to our five winners.

Now it’s time to meet them.

Rosy G., Macy’s Stores, Arlington, VA

Rosy and her dogs love nature, and often go hiking together, especially in the mornings when the weather is cooler, the scent of plants is in the air, and birds are singing. This summer, she took Capo, a standard poodle, and Max, a toy poodle, to Great Falls Park in McLean, VA, where they spent the morning hiking, watching kayakers and enjoying the beautiful view of Great Falls. That’s where her contest-winning photo was snapped.

From her perspective, the most important thing an individual can do for the environment is to get involved in the community, working together on sustainability projects. Her favorite way to go green is to practice the classic “3 Rs” of reducing, reusing and recycling. She also carpools to work and totes reusable bags to the grocery.

Rosy originally joined Macy’s in 2010 and stayed until 2014 when she moved to Cairo, Egypt and worked at the U.S. Embassy there. “When my project ended, I returned to Washington, D.C., and came back to Macy’s.”

She believes it’s important for companies like Macy’s to take an active role in sustainability because it sets a good example – and also helps people take more pride in their work. “Teaming up with customers and environmental organizations helps companies gain loyal customers and publicity, and at the same time, it helps the world. Everyone needs to take an active role in sustainability.”

Learn more about what Macy’s has achieved in our sustainability efforts, as well as what we’re doing next in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Gina B., Macy’s Logistics and Operations, Portland, TN

It’s not easy to get to the spot where Gina B.’s contest-winning photo was taken. “It’s a place called Dog Island, FL, about six miles off the coast of Destin, and the only way to reach it is by plane or by boat. My photo is of a beautiful sunrise right after an early morning rain.”

Gina loves the great outdoors; she grew up on a farm where her family raised and canned vegetables from their own garden and raised their own beef and pork. Composting was a way of life for the family as well, so reusing and recycling is a lifelong practice for Gina. Today, her favorite way to go green is to use organic products, and she waters her outdoor plants with rainwater she has collected. She believes it’s important for companies to take an active role in protecting the environment because, “We’re creating the future, and helping lead us there.”

Joining the Macy’s team in April 2016, Gina is an operations manager in Home and Beauty at the Logistics and Operations facility in Portland, TN. Her favorite part of Macy’s? “The Associates and the family-friendly work environment!”

See how we celebrated Earth Week in 2016, when Gina joined Macy's, Inc.

David C., Macy’s Technology, San Francisco, CA

Special Events Manager David C.’s photo is from his first trip to Yosemite National Park, taken at a designated lookout point on the way to Glacier Point. The commanding view of Half Dome and Yosemite’s stunning high country inspired our contest voters as well.

David’s commitment to sustainability comes from being actively involved with the Boy Scouts as he grew up in different places around the world; he says, “It really helped me develop a passion for the world we live in.” He believes the most important thing an individual can do for the environment is to care about it.

David joined Macy’s Marketing in May 2016, and he says working with an amazing team of people as they create event magic is his favorite part of his role. When asked why it’s important for companies like Macy’s to take an active role in sustainability, he says “Major companies have the influence and resources to make a positive impact. And, since they need large amounts of energy and resources to operate, they can help themselves along with the environment.”

Macy’s supports our national parks – this year, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Earth Week contest’s sustainable tote bags were donated to the National Park Foundation.

Amanda H., Stores, Traverse City, MI

Showing what she describes as “an amazing spot to hike,” Amanda H’s photo is of Empire, MI’s Pyramid Point, overlooking Lake Michigan. “It’s one of my favorite spots,” she says, “I often go to this place to just absorb and take in the beauty.”

An environmental science class in college opened her eyes to caring for the environment by showing her the beauty of Northern Michigan. She says it made her want to contribute and help preserve it for the future. When asked what she thinks is most important for an individual to do for the environment, she responds, “Think about what you’re doing each and every day. For example, can an item be reused? Is it really garbage, or can we recycle it? I think too many people just fly through life without thinking about the impact their actions will have on our future.”

That belief extends to companies as well, and she’s proud of what Macy’s has accomplished in sustainability. “We set an example for others, and we need to show our customers and employees that we truly care and are willing to take that extra step to show it can be done.”

An Asset Protection Manager, Amanda says her favorite part of her role is the team environment: “My peers, my district and all of my store Associates are driven to help everyone succeed. We win together and we cannot do it alone.” She’s been a part of the Macy’s team since 2011.

Pamela B., Bloomingdale’s, Skokie, IL

Pamela B. was not available for this story.

Have an idea for a contest, or want to share another way you connect with nature? Tell us about it! 


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