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Meet the Artists – The Winners of Our Connect with Nature Contest

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We challenged you to show us how you connect with nature in our reusable tote bag artwork contest for Earth Week, and you blew us away with your creativity, commitment, and connection!

Dozens of associates submitted beautiful artwork in a variety of mediums, including drawings, paintings, sketches, and photography.

Nearly 10,000 votes were cast, and when the contest ended, five fantastic designs came out on top – in fact, it was nearly impossible for our team to choose the design to be printed on sturdy reusable canvas totes. Look for them at select Macy’s stores this summer, where we’ll be donating $1 from the sale of each tote to the National Park Foundation.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest, and especially to our five winners – we admire your commitment to sustainability and love your beautiful artwork! Now it’s time to meet our winners and learn more about their creations.

Jenna DiMari – Marketing

Jenna’s design of flowers, leaves, and butterflies was inspired by a visit to New York City’s Prospect Park. Brightly colored elements on a soft blue background surround the hand-lettered “Connect with Nature” theme. Jenna’s design was selected by the Green Living review committee to be featured on the sustainable tote bags sold in select Macy’s stores this summer.

Jenna joined Macy’s in 2014 as a senior designer for Impulse, and now works on web concepts, where she conceptualizes and designs editorial fashion websites on for special projects, seasonal trends and branded campaigns.

She says her favorite part of working at Macy’s is creating engaging digital experiences for all the different families of business – and seeing how excited customers, friends and family are about iconic events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Macy’s Flower Show.

Jenna’s passion for sustainability stems from moving to an environmentally-friendly neighborhood, with a community of eco-conscious friends and neighbors. “They inspired me to consider my personal environmental impact,” says Jenna, whose favorite way to go green is ... tote bags! “They’re reusable, fun, often colorful, witty and sometimes even have illustrations of flowers that suggest ‘Connect with Nature!’” she laughs.

The use of solar energy in private residences is what she sees as the next big innovation in sustainability. “I think it’s amazing how solar panels and microgrids allow residents to generate and use local renewable energy,” she says.

Micah Atkins – Macy’s Logistics and Operations

The digital painting Micah submitted is a self-portrait of him as a child, swinging high under the spreading branches of a majestic tree while flocks of birds soar in the background. “It inspires exploration and adventure in my life,” he says.

With a passion for nature that comes from the desire to preserve the earth for future generations, Micah’s favorite way to go green is to recycle – including saving all disposable plastics for safe recycling. A part of the Macy’s team since 2007, Micah’s favorite part of working at the Dadeland location in Miami is developing communication skills and operational strategies that translate to his personal life.

Asked why it’s important for companies to take an active role in sustainability, Micah noted that “It’s important not only to set the standard, but to come together to stop global warming and other negative effects we’re having on our planet.”

Ma.Soledad Corong - Stores

Helping others has been Sol’s favorite part of working at Macy’s since joining the company in 2011. Currently an administrative staff team member at Macy’s Brea, CA, location, Sol believes that companies can reduce pollution and slow climate change by being environmentally friendly and utilizing sustainable energy sources like solar and wind.

Sol’s design depicts the graceful bare branches of a resilient tree – one that’s been through thunderstorms, floods, earthquakes and droughts and still perseveres. A single red star hangs from one of the tree’s branches, representing Macy’s commitment to sustainability.

With a passion for sustainability sparked by the love of trees and the environment, Sol believes the most important things an individual can do to promote sustainability are saving water, recycling everything you can, planting trees, and committing to organizations that work to save the environment.

Ruth Morrissette – Stores

Wedding Gift Registry Advisor Ruth Morrissette entered a collage of her own nature photographs, including flowers, bees, a vase of lupine, and a photo of Oregon’s Cannon Beach featuring beautiful blue waters beyond a field of wildflowers. What inspired her love of nature and passion for sustainability? “As a child of the 60s and 70s, I grew up with exposure to ecology action and respect for the ecosystems of our planet,” she says.

Ruth lives her daily life being cognizant of her impact on the environment and living by example – in fact, she believes that thinking about the impact your actions have on future generations is the most important thing any individual can do for the environment. She repurposes and recycles everything she can, including glass, paper and cardboard. She also carries a reusable coffee mug and glass water bottle every day and drives a hybrid automobile.

When asked what she sees as the next big innovation in sustainability, Ruth points to home energy technology, including solar energy, home energy metering systems, and intelligent thermostats.

A part of the Macy’s, Inc. team since 2013, Ruth started at Bloomingdale’s and joined Macy’s last fall. She believes protecting the environment for future generations is what makes it important for companies like Macy’s to focus on sustainability.

Deborah Pomeroy – Macy’s Credit and Customer Services

Deborah’s design shows a pair of hands planting a tree under the banner “Connect with Nature.” A member of the Collections South team since spring 2016, her favorite part of working at Macy’s is the people she works with.

Inspired by her garden and a passion for keeping the earth clean, Deborah is a big believer in reusable bags, and so she was delighted by the opportunity to design one for the Macy’s Green Living contest. She’s a dedicated recycler, and also looks for ways to renew or reuse existing materials. She believes the most important thing individuals can do for the environment is to do their best to keep it clean – picking up after themselves and minimizing trash.

Affordable solar energy will be the next major innovation in sustainability, she believes, and she appreciates the efforts large organizations like Macy’s make by dedicating financial resources to making the planet cleaner and greener.


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