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Meet Our RE-Think Contest Winners

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During Earth Week 2015, we offered our RE-Think contest, when we asked associates to think outside the recycling bin and enter suggestions for the most creative ways to reduce, reuse or recycle. Each category had a winner for the most creative suggestion, in addition to one lucky suggestion selected at random. Associates voted for their favorite ideas through a poll on My IN-SITE.

We’re happy to announce that we received much more feedback than was anticipated – in quantity and quality. Several of the selections are currently being channeled through company contacts to determine the opportunities to impact real change.

We’re also thrilled to announce our winners!

Reduce Winner: Andrew Percher
Andrew is an eCommerce Technical Webmaster for MST in Johns Creek, GA. He’s been with the company for about 18 years and his idea was inspired by Whole Foods’ operations (there’s one close to his office). His passion for sustainability comes from his daughters, Selene and Jade, “… who deserve to live in a clean world.” 

Andrew’s winning entry: Rebates for BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag): When customers bring their own bags to Macy's, can we rebate up to 10 cents per bag? We can even sell fashionable and earth friendly tote bags for this reason. These would be bags that pay for themselves after multiple trips to Macy's. This would also give in-store customers a small discount that online shoppers would not receive as a way of thanking them for coming to see us at Macy's.

Reuse Winner: Carolyn Sundberg
Carolyn is a Sign Lead for Merchandising and Merchandise Planning in Bend, OR. She’s been with the company for about three years. Her idea was inspired by a recent experience where her store inherited unused fixtures. She doesn’t want them to end up in landfills. Like Andrew, Carolyn’s passion comes from her son – and his future. “We are big time recyclers in my house. And we try to reuse everything.”

Carolyn’s winning entry: Create an area on My Macy’s Portal where stores can post a request for fixtures that are needed and notification of extra fixtures that are not being used so that stores can trade fixtures, sign holders, acetates, toppers, etc ... We need to create an efficient system to transport items being traded. This would save money spent on ordering new supplies and maybe save our landfills from being filled with unwanted fixtures. The system could be like an internal Craigslist.

Recycle Winner: Tracy Edwards
Tracy is a Sales Associate from Middletown, NY. She’s been with the company for one year. Tracy didn’t like seeing the waste produced in her store by plastic bags. She also noticed the engagement customers have with coupons and Plenti points and put the two together. Tracy lives in the country and loves nature, so she has a natural passion for sustainability. Her philosophy? “Use less of everything.”

Tracy’s Winning Entry: There should be two boxes for Macy’s plastic shopping bags that customers have received and returned when they have made a purchase. One to reuse and one for Macy’s to recycle. For reuse, customers choose to use bags that have been returned and maybe they can get a few points on Plenti or a coupon.

Winner Picked at Random: Pablo Cabrera
Pablo was our lucky winner chosen at random! Pablo is a Sales Supervisor in San Francisco, CA. He’s been with the company for two years. “Through life experiences growing up in a country with limited resources and the education provided by my family, this all created a sense and consciousness of the ecosystems in our planet. We are blessed to have such an amazing planet and it is our duty to protect it in our individual ways.”

Winners walk away with an eco-friendly prize package that helps each be green while saving green - saving water, energy and natural resources. The package includes:

  • “365 Ways to Live Green” Book
  • Earth Week Reusable Shopping Tote
  • Green Living Drawstring Bag
  • Reusable Produce Bags
  • Green Living Reusable Water Bottle
  • Reusable Coffee Mug
  • Recycled Content Notebook with Pen
  • An Assortment of LED Lamps
  • Niagara Water Conservation Green House Eco-Kit (to conserve water at home)
  • Eco-collapsible Lunch Box (BPA free)
  • Basil Grow Pot – grow your own organic basil in a bamboo pot 

Congratulations to all of our winners – and participants. Be on the lookout for sustainable updates from your Green Living team. Entries from the RE-Think contest could potentially impact real change in Macy’s sustainability practices. Thanks to all for your suggestions.