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Meet Our Plant Your Pictures Contest Winners

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Earth Week at Macy’s is an exciting time, with engaging events, new ideas and challenges, and endless inspiration. 2016 was no exception as we asked associates across the country to share photos of themselves enjoying the environment in our Plant Your Pictures contest – and to vote for their favorites.

Green Living visitors cast nearly 10,000 votes for hundreds of engaging, creative and inspiring photos showing Macy’s associates doing everything from scaling mountain peaks to diving the ocean’s depths to simply enjoying a beautiful moment in nature.

The voting was close and came down to the contest’s final minutes – but in the end, these were your favorites. 


Che H Hia – Sales Associate, Women’s Shoes

A part of the Macy’s team since 1993, Che believes saving the world for future generations is the most important reason to go green – both for individuals and for companies.  His winning photo shows him enjoying the great outdoors with part of that future – kayaking on the lake at North Conway, NH, with his niece.

Hia, who loves meeting people and making them happy in his role at Macy’s, goes green by planting and tending a vegetable garden (a tradition inspired by the garden his mother kept), riding his bicycle, and packing lunch in reusable containers.


Ahmed (Alex) Attia – Safety Specialist, Logistics and Operations

Alex’s passion for sustainability dates back to 2007 when he joined Youth for Environment Sustainability and Better Understanding (YESBU), a group focused on educating high school students about the importance of protecting the environment. His winning photo illustrates what he calls “ a typical day” in his garden when his feline friend Blackjack encounters a butterfly on (what else?) a butterfly bush. 

Going green is one of Attia’s highest priorities – he makes every effort to go paperless at work and often rideshares with colleagues to conserve energy. A part of the company since November 2015, he says Macy’s isn’t only a job, it’s a lifestyle.



Robin Trebilcock – Clinique Beauty

In her winning photo, Robin stands next to a majestic frozen waterfall in Munising, MI, – a photo she loves because of the perspective it gives for how grand the falls are. An avid outdoorsperson in every season, Trebilcock enjoys hiking, landscaping and nature photography.

Trebilcock joined Macy’s in 1982 and has worked in many roles. Her favorite pat of the job is making people feel better about themselves – something she’s frequently able to do in her role at the Clinique counter. She believes it’s important for companies to go green because their large size not only means a bigger impact, but also sets a great example for employees.



Shayna White – CRC, Logistics and Operations

Shayna, who joined Macy’s in July 2014, frequently goes hiking with friend, colleague and fellow contest winner Loretta Hansel on a quest to see as many waterfalls as possible. Her winning photo shows her standing victoriously on a tree trunk high across a waterfall they encountered on a recent hike.

An avid recycler who also volunteers to help clean up local parks, White believes the next big innovation in sustainability will be everyone working together to save the environment. She also believes it’s important for companies to practice sustainability because of their potential to motivate, as well as the volume of waste they generate.



Loretta Hansel – CRC Coordinator, Logistics and Operations

Loretta Hansel’s passion for the environment comes from her desire to help ensure the best for our planet, and she goes green by using concentrated household cleaning supplies, conserving water, and turning off and unplugging electronics. With Macy’s since early 2014, she says companies have the potential not only to save money by being sustainable, but also to make the world a better place for future generations.

An avid hiker, Hansel says she always looks for waterfalls on her outdoor jaunts and she encountered three on a recent hike in Pennsylvania. She shared her favorite photo from that day, and clearly it was a favorite of Green Living visitors as well.