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Meet Our Farmers Market Haul Contest Winners

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Summer and fall are prime farmers market season, with amazing arrays of fresh, locally-grown and sustainably-farmed goods available – fresh produce, meats, eggs, cheeses, bread, sauces, condiments, and so much more.

We asked you to share photos of your farmers market haul, and you responded with dozens of creative photos showing how you shop your farmers market and what you brought home.

Our top vote-getters (and one random lucky winner) shared their stories, telling us a little more about why they shop their farmers markets and the difference it’s made in their lives.


Erica Del Vigna – Compliance Analyst,

Erica’s photo shows her shopping the pumpkin patch in Northern California’s Apple Hill, where family-owned farms host farmers markets every fall. She’s no stranger to locally-grown food: her grandmother grew up on a farm in Italy, where they raised their own produce and baked everything from scratch. When she emigrated to the United States, she started her own garden and cooked with fresh organic produce, which Erica grew up eating and enjoying.

Her tip for shopping the farmers market? “If you go at the end of the day, you can get awesome deals on bundles of fruits and veggies. You can’t beat the prices –or the quality.”

Erica joined the Macy’s team in 2015; she says she loves the people she works with, as well as the agile, collaborative and fast-paced environment of “I get to own, touch and learn many new skills. There’s lots of opportunity to grown and try new things here.”


LeAnne Clayton – Human Resources Manager, Stores, Idaho

LeAnne started preserving her own food last year and says she absolutely fell in love with the process of canning. She loves the freshness and variety of produce, and she also loves the ideas, recipes and tips she gets from talking to the farmers. “I’ve tried many new veggies I would not have before because of their advice,” she says.

Her winning photo shows her kitchen table loaded with her farmers market haul, along with produce she grew in her own garden this summer as a first time gardener, and jars of the goods she’s canned herself.

LeAnne joined Macy’s in 2003 and says her favorite part of working at Macy’s is the people she works with. “They make my job fun and interesting!” she says.


Jenilee Buckley – Multi-Store Operations Manager, New England South

Fall is Jenilee’s favorite time of year for the farmers market, though she and her husband shop there all season long. “I like to make soups in the fall – the more veggies, the better!”

Shopping at the farmers market is important to her because of the opportunity to shop locally and support the local community, and she says she buys locally-made and locally-grown as much as she can. Besides that, “The veggies at the local market always taste better.”

Jenilee’s photo shows the week’s farmers market haul laid out on the dining room table on top of the reusable tote she uses at the market (bonus points for sustainability!). Her cat Merlin made a guest appearance in the shot, curious about the display.

Part of the Macy’s team since 1999, Jenilee’s preferred way to go green is using her tablet in-store to take notes, since it conserves paper. Before tablets were rolled out, she would re-use paper by printing on the opposite side, so she’s happy for this in-store innovation!


Heidi Liou – Product Assistant, Martha Stewart Bedding (MMG)

Heidi says her passion for sustainability comes from caring for people – she wants to help push for safe working environments and sustainable practices. “The first cost of a good is priceless,” she says. “It’s attached to a human life.” (Macy’s, Inc. agrees: Find out more about Macy’s sourcing practices in our Corporate Report on Social Responsibility.)

She regularly shops the farmers market in New York City’s Union Square to support local farmers, and on the day her winning photo was taken, she found a huge green onion. “By the way,” she says, “I actually cut up the whole green onion, sautéed it, and ate the whole thing. So delicious!”

As part of the MMG team since 2015, Heidi says her favorite part of her job is watching innovative ideas come to fruition; she also enjoys being part of New York’s Go Green ERG as well as the Heralds ERG.


Additional Winners

Other Farmers Market Haul contest winners include Jeri Alao, Stores organization and Genevieve Ayers, Bloomingdale’s.