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Introducing Our Winners of “What’s Your Bright Idea?”

POSTED UNDER By Our Associates

To celebrate October’s Energy Awareness Month, we ran a contest for associates, asking them to share their energy saving tips. We simply inquired, “What’s your bright idea?” Well, we’re very pleased with the results and happy to share our winners, selected at random, from both categories—home and office.

At Home Winner: Doyle Fincher

Fincher is a Field Service Technician for MST in Stone Mountain, GA, and has worked for Macy’s for almost 25 years. Doyle actually caught Green Living’s attention this past spring for his insightful RE-Think contest submission, only to be chosen at random to win this contest!

Doyle’s Bright Idea: Changing to energy-saving LED bulbs will save money and energy. My biggest savings have been from changing my wood frame windows to energy-efficient double pane windows, lowering my heat and cooling cost by about 40 percent overall. My newest idea is to make sure all the window shades stay open during the day to allow the sun to come in and warm the house so the heat doesn't run as often in the winter. Also, lower the heat temp and wear warmer clothing as you lounge around the house.

At Work Winner: Dina Ligari

Ligari works in seasonal merchandising at a Bakersfield, CA, Macy’s store. Her low-tech idea is an often overlooked energy solution that would also benefit store employees and customers. Dina’s reason for saving energy? “If we don't learn to conserve now, there won't be anything left to save.”

Dina’s Bright Idea: My idea can be utilized both at work and at home. Historically, this is an old idea that used to be quite useful and is still very useful. Besides the economic benefit, it mentally placates most people until a cooler time may arrive (this last statement is for the benefit of merchandisers, price changers, stagers, stockers, etc. who work early hours prior to cooler air conditioning hours.) The simple answer is ceiling fans. To simply feel some air movement is the easiest trick to play on the human mind to convince it that there is some relief. Plus, when run continually, ceiling fans will lessen the length of cycles needed to be run by air conditioners. Your early morning employees (one of which I am), your patrons, and most of all your energy bills will be very happy and forever grateful.

These two winners landed themselves an energy-saving prize package, including

  • LED lamps
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Solar power charger with a universal USB adapter
  • Surge Protector with Remote
  • Solar-powered LED string lights (just in time for the holidays)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who participated. We’re always working to reduce energy in our company – and want you to do the same at home. Sharing bright ideas from associates across the company will make us all a little brighter, and hopefully much more energy efficient.