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Were You Smarter Than Our Expert? Meet Our Contest Winners

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Macy’s Green Living readers, you never fail to amaze us with your sustainability smarts, savvy, and sense of fun! More than 300 of you took part in our latest contest, matching wits with our expert about sustainability at Macy’s – and 89 of you scored 100 percent, answering all questions correctly! Thanks for participating, and for reading our Green Living coverage – we appreciate you!

Watch for our next contest, coming soon.

Meet the Winners
Congratulations to our five winners, chosen at random from the top-scoring results!
Ana Ramos Ferradji – Stores, New York NY
Jane Compton – Macy’s Systems & Technologies, John’s Creek, GA
Nicholas Smith – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Cincinnati, OH
Joan Bradford – Stores, Mishawaka, IN
Michael Ransbottom – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH

Top Scores
Congratulations to all of our top-scorers! The following contest participants all scored 100 percent!

(Please note that all names are listed as they were entered on the contest form and Macy’s Green Living is not responsible for errors or omissions.)

Marqueta Freeman – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Cincinnati, OH
Kimberli Saum – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Indianapolis, IN
Steve Yeoman – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Steven Turner – Central Offices, Springdale, OH
Celia Wichert – Central Offices, New York, NY
Jesseka Foster – Stores, Las Vegas, NV
Peter Kardar – Macy’s Systems & Technology, Lorain, OH
Ryan Tello – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, San Jose, CA
Judy Odell – Macy’s Credit and Customer Services, Mason, OH
Jane Compton – Macy’s Systems & Technology, Johns Creek, GA
LaDonna Williams – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Tulsa, OK
Jason Windsor – Stores, Bellevue, WA
Yvette Bricker – Stores, San Antonio, TX
Brenda Coughenour – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Phoenix, AZ
Tasha Williams – Marketing, Providence, RI
Jo Storey – Stores, Burnsville, MN
Amanda Huffman – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Martinsburg, WV
Jose Rios – Stores, Los Angeles, CA
Jose Rivera – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Goodyear, AZ
Claudia Esquivel – Merchandise Planning, Rancho Cucmonga, CA
Douglas Haegg – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Tempe, AZ
Timothy Begley – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Mason, OH
Tinika Givens – Stores, Richmond, VA
Raina Harris – Stores, University Heights, OH
Trish Best – Stores, Dayton, OH
Patti Eisenbaum – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Mohammed Sajid Jamil – Stores, Jamaica, NY
Angelica Mantuano – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, New York, NY
Cathy Worley – Stores, Joplin, MO
Richard James – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Tempe, AZ
Araceli Rodriguez – Stores, Downey, CA
Jamie Murray – Stores, San Jose, CA
Jared Costa – Stores, Modesto, CA
Jeff Hansen – Stores, Christiana, DE
Raiyne Dixon – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Tulsa, OK
Whitney Burnett – Stores, Orlando, FL
Dennis Carnahan – Macy’s Systems & Technology, Lakewood, WA
Aigerim Bodie – Stores, Aventura, FL
Kue Lor – Stores, South Portland, ME
Ryan Sinclair – Stores, Vernon Hills, IL
Joann Bradford – Stores, Mishawaka, IN
Jo Guthrie – Stores, Winter Haven, FL
Ricardo Pacheco – Stores, San Diego, CA
Karen Marchese – Stores, Youngstown, OH
Rubina Guevarra – Stores, Oklahoma City, OK
Amanda Kuramata – Stores, Big Bear, CA
Sarah Sarbone – Stores, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Valerie Cain – Stores, Kentwood, MI
Daye Renner – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Bridgeton, MO
Rose Howerton – Macy’s Systems & Technology, Johns Creek, GA
Daria Coren – Stores, Chicago, IL
Sascha Borjas –Stores, Corpus Christi, TX
Jyotshna Singh – Central Offices, Springdale, OH
Christine Abramson – Stores, Phoenix, AZ
Noah Honma – Stores, Honolulu, HI
Chris Rogers – Stores, Kansas City, KS
Nadia Kashani – Stores, Bloomington, MN
Aaliyah Campbell – Stores, Valley Stream, NY
Bruce Le – Stores, San Diego, CA
Megan Layne – Stores, North Port, FL
Valeria Sequeira – Stores, Humble, TX
Mischelle Bateman – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Tempe, AZ
Richard Dempski – Stores, Toms River, NJ
William Fitzpatrick – Stores, Dartmouth, MA
Marilyn Merriweather – Stores, Fairview Heights, IL
Gabe Amor – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Glendora, CA
Sarah Goodman – Stores, Santa Rosa, CA
Sherry Jackson – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Mason, OH
Tom Stevens – Stores, Plantation FL
Lori Eddy – Stores, Rochester, NY
Kevin Lorica – Macy’s Merchandising & Merchandise Planning, New York, NY
Barry Barbe – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Elizabeth Brady – Stores, Albany, NY
Nicholas Smith – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Cincinnati, OH
Blair London – Stores, Altoona, PA
Susan Phillips – Macy’s Credit & Customer Services, Mason, OH
Linda Hadyka – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Goodyear, AZ
Lauren Harrell – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, City of Industry, CA
Donnamarie Ilardo – Stores – Albany, NY
Christian Rosales – Stores, Henderson, NV
Mabel Kuehr-McLaren – Stores, Durham, NC
Sarah Fox – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Valarie Jones – Stores, Berea, OH
Kathy Brown – Stores, Eaton Rapids, MI
Diane Purpura – Stores, Towson, MD
Llisa Fekete – Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Cheshire, CT
Jaclyn Schnelle – Central Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Allison Terzyk – Private Brands, New York, NY

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who took part in our “Are You Smarter Than Our Expert?” We love contests as much as you do, so look for the next one coming soon!