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Counting Down to Earth Week! How You Can Get Involved

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Here at Green Living we’re working to celebrate Earth Day everyday. That means we want to encourage Macy’s associates, executives, stakeholders and beyond to work toward a more sustainable way of life through everyday decisions. It’s about going green, but it’s also about thinking green in all facets of our day-to-day lives. And what better time to start celebrating Earth Day everyday than Earth Day itself!

Earth Day is held on Wednesday, April 22, but here at Macy’s we’re celebrating Earth Week.

All April, we’ll be working to promote our Green Living in preparation for Earth Week. And from Monday April 20 through Friday April 24, a rich collection of events will be held in Macy’s locations all across America.

Be on the lookout for:

  • “Why Do You Go Green?” New video featuring Macy’s associates and their reasons for going green.
  • RE-Think Virtual Suggestion Box: An interactive contest for Macy’s associates to enter their most creative ways to reduce, reuse or recycle. All who enter will have a chance to win. Those associates whose suggestions are chosen as most creative will win a special sustainable prize package! Macy’s associates will decide the winner through a poll on My IN-SITE. Contest begins April 14 and ends April 27.
  • Make Your Voice Heard! Choose the most creative sustainability ideas. Log on to My IN-SITE May 11 to 17 and determine which ideas should be our award winners. Macy’s associates will decide the winner through a poll.
  • How to Start Your Own Go Green ERG: Macy’s encourages you to get involved with Employee Resource Groups (ERG). But we all have hectic lives and jam-packed schedules, so sometimes it’s hard to get our ducks in a row. At Green Living we understand that, which is why we’re streamlining information for associates to easily start their own Go Green ERG.

And find out how you can get involved in a Macy’s location near you. There are plenty of sustainable activities to go around! Here are just a few…

MCOM in San Francisco:

  • Recycling Education Event: Reviewing recycling and compost best practices
  • Contest: Which floor team has the best recyclers? A trash audit by Recology will decide!
  • Earth Day Park Beautification: Volunteers participate in a park clean up at Union Square

MCS Corporate Office Cincinnati

  • Go Green Movie Days: Will air sustainably themed movies during the lunch hour
  • Trash to Treasure Expo: Featuring vendors and employees who "upcycle" items in creative ways
  • Educational Tour of the Rumpke Recycling facility
  • Promote Players for the Planet E-Waste Recycling Event for participation and volunteers (see last year's here!)
  • Preview to Macy’s Market Days: Local vendors will be providing samples of products that are grown and/or made locally

MCCS 4 Centers:

  • Sustainability Ideas Virtual Suggestion Box: Contest will run all month
  • Electronics Recycling Event
  • A Recycling Cart will collect recyclables from employees throughout the building
  • Go Green Movie Days will air sustainably themed movies during the lunch hour
  • Lunch and Learn from the City’s waste program
  • On Earth Day, if you wear green you win a prize, and we’ll also be tree planting at all 4 MCCS locations
  • Trashion Show!
  • Project Park Clean ups at 3 locations

Macy’s Logistics:

  • Green T-Shirt Day: Wear your green shirt to show your support!
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Tree Planting
  • Daily word searches, fun facts and crossword puzzles and daily prizes
  • Adopted road clean-up day
  • Planting flowers and vegetables in a community garden
  • Dye Pack event, locating water leaks in building for repairing
  • Create enhanced awareness through an information bulletin board


  • Trashion Show (see last year’s here!)
  • Park Clean Up: Theodore Roosevelt Park
  • Daily Earth Week email and free eco-friendly pens in each building

Macy’s Stores and Energy Services:

  • Solar promotion on Shop Talk
  • Media event at Ingram Park (San Antonio, TX) – the store is being recognized on April 15 by the Department of Energy in conjunction with the Better Buildings Challenge for energy efficiency. Ingram Park reduced their energy consumption by 50 percent!
  • Enhancing Employee Awareness: Promoting Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Sharing Store Sustainability Success Stories
  • Sustainable messages delivered at store rallies


  • Kickoff of our "Office Building Green Team"
  • Recycling Event: light bulb, battery, and cell phone recycling
  • Recycling eyeglasses
  • Electronics recycling event

Join us in celebrating Earth Day everyday. Why not start today?