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Associate Spotlight: Samuel Brosen’s Path to Corporate Sustainability

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Samuel Brosen, a member of the Green Living Committee and New York City’s Go Green Employee Resource Group (ERG), is no stranger to In fact, he played a substantial role in publicizing our Earth Week message last year in new and dynamic ways. Since then, he’s provided many novel ideas for Green Living. Though Brosen is already featured on our Green Living Committee page, we wanted to get a deeper understanding of what makes him so passionate about sustainability.

Brosen, an MIO manager located at 11 Penn Plaza, actually became interested in sustainability before he was certain of what career he wanted to pursue. After taking an introduction to sustainability course during his freshman year of college, he decided to take an immersive study abroad program called Living Routes that focused on eco villages.

Living Routes took him to the Arava Desert in Israel, where he was living in a Kibbutz –one of many communal settlements that have been around since Israel’s inception in the 1950s. Brosen lived in an officially- designated eco village that specialized in off-the-grid living. He personally lived off-the-grid for six months while studying concepts of sustainability.

Some examples of how Brosen lived off-the-grid include:

  • Living in a geodesic mud dome
  • Showering with water passively heated by the sun
  • Using energy generated passively or through renewable resources only 

“Never in my life have I been through any experience like that and it impacted me in profound ways – it opened me up to question the world around me,” said Brosen.

Once he returned from his study abroad, he continued his education by pursuing a sustainable business degree. Brosen sees businesses as one of the biggest environmental influencers – good and bad – and is one of the areas poised for greatest change.

Brosen was recruited into the retail industry out of college and got the attention of Macy’s a few years into his career. While his career doesn’t work directly with sustainability (yet), Brosen always works to involve himself in activities outside of his role to fill this passion; he’s one of the earliest members of the New York City Go Green ERG.

For Earth Week 2016, Brosen and the New York City Go Green ERG are hosting a Sustainability in Retail panel discussion where five industry leaders in eco-fashion and sustainability will discuss the challenges and potential of sustainability in retail.

Panelists include:

  • Lewis Perkins, President, Cradle to Cradle
  • Sean Murphy, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, YFYJupiter
  • Marci Zaroff, Founder, Under the Canopy and Metawear
  • Mark Messura, SVP, Global Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Inc.
  • Michael Kobori, VP, Sustainability, Levi’s

What’s next for Brosen? As Macy’s continues to prioritize sustainability as a business initiative, he’s excited to see how it grows as a function within the company. It’s a budding industry, and Brosen wants to be at the forefront. Thanks for sharing your story, Sam. We’re excited to see what the future holds as well.