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Associate Spotlight: RE-Think Contest Honorable Mention

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This past Earth Week, we ran a contest asking you to think outside the recycling bin and enter your suggestion for the most creative way to reduce, reuse or recycle. Three winners were chosen in each category through My IN-SITE, with one winner drawn at random, and receiving a sustainable prize package.

But we didn’t stop there … due to amazing participation, both in quality and quantity, we compiled the results to look for ways that we can make your suggestions a reality throughout Macy’s. We also reached out to a select few whose submissions earned special recognition. One of those submissions was from Arlene Greenberg, a Gift Registry Consultant for Bloomingdale’s in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Arlene wrote in for our Reuse selection:

Bubble Wrappers = Storage & Mess Trappers! We use so much bubble wrap in the Gift Registry and Table Top departments that I began to think of creative ways to reuse this versatile item. These ideas really work and I use all of them.

  1. Sand Grabber: Those messy trips to the beach with the kids are a thing of the past. Lay out a large piece of bubble wrap near the front door. Dump all sandy towels, sandals, buckets and toys there before you go in. Bubble wrap traps the sand for easy disposal.
  2. Travel Jewelry Keeper: Cut bubble wrap to fit a suitcase pocket. Cut small slits in some of the bubble compartments so you can safely carry (and not lose) earrings and rings. Necklaces will not tangle up, if you have one chain per "bubble."
  3. Suitcase Divider: Cut bubble wrap to fit the bottom of the suitcase. As your trip progresses, throw dirty laundry under the wrap, keeping the clean clothes on top and easy to find.
  4. Easy Pet Food Clean-up: Spread a sheet of bubble wrap where pet food normally goes. Using a pin, "pop" all inner bubble wrap chambers making sure to keep the outside chambers (around the edges) inflated. Place bowls of dry pet food on the "flattened" areas of the bubble wrap. The outer, inflated bubble wrap edges prevent the dry pet food from flying all over the place!

Based on this response, we knew we wanted to hear more from Arlene. We reached out to her with some follow-up questions and she was happy to oblige.

Why do you have such passion for sustainability?
I am a big fan of the national parks and I hope to see all of them someday. So far, I’ve been to Olympic National Park, Yellowstone, the Coast Redwoods, Acadia National Park, the Grand Tetons, Niagara Falls and others. I marvel at the beauty of this earth, but I worry that if we don’t take action soon, all of that pristine beauty will change quickly and it will be gone forever.

What sparked your interest in Macy’s Green Living?
Sometimes a new idea can be the start of a new way of living. I thought the contest was a unique way to present new ideas. I want to give everyone the thought that it doesn’t take a lot to do your part and initiate a new way of living with recycling in mind.

What is your favorite way to “go green”?
I feel great when I offer to recycle the bubble wrap for a customer and then, a few days later they bring back in all of the bubble wrap from their tabletop purchase.

Why do you think it’s important for companies to take an active role in sustainability?
Companies large and small have a unique opportunity to become leaders in sustainability. Thousands of people pass through their doors daily, and they could help present an idea that over time could grow into a cause. Just as companies invest in their future as a business, they need to lead and invest in our planet’s future also.

Thanks to Arlene for doing her part to RE-Think. Let Arlene be your inspiration for Energy Awareness Month – coming this October. We’ll be working all month to provide you with energy-saving stories and tips. And we’ll be running another contest! What’s Your Bright Idea? Share your energy-saving bright ideas for the home and office from Oct. 13 - 26 for your chance to win an energy-saving prize package. We can’t wait to hear from you!