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Associate Spotlight: Darline Carillo Educates and Conserves

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During Earth Week 2015, we received a great assortment of entries for our RE-Think contest; while three winners were chosen, we couldn’t stop the recognition there. We reached out to associates awarded an honorable mention to get their personal take on sustainability, both in their work and personal life.

The latest in our spotlight is Darline Carillo, a store associate from California. Based on Darline’s creative response and background (she studied Environmental Science and Policy!), we couldn’t help but reach out to learn more.

Plastic is everywhere and the rate of decomposition makes you think, “What can I do to reduce my impact?” This idea is for the reduction of plastic use in shopping bags. Not all stores are promoting brown bags or reusable bags, so there are tons of plastic bags being distributed.

Generally, we can reuse plastic bags once or twice before tossing them out. Instead of thinking about reusing plastic bags, reducing the amount of plastic bags we use will have a greater impact.

You can make use all of those stored plastic bags you have to make a reusable bag. To do this:

  • Lay out each bag so it is flat and cut off the handles and the seam at the end
  • Fold the bag length-wise and cut strips
  • Tie each strip together in a long chain
  • Roll the chain into a ball like yarn and use a crochet needle to start weaving the plastic together to make your bag

You just made a reusable bag and it didn't cost a dime. This will put those shopping bags stuffed behind the door to good use, allowing you to continue shopping knowing you are doing your part to reduce plastic usage.

Some descriptionIt’s clear Darline knows a thing or two about being sustainable, so we sat down with her to get more of an understanding of her green living. First and foremost, Darline would like to make a career through sustainability, educating the greater public on what they can do to make an impact.

“I’ve been interested in the environment since a very young age. It wasn’t until I started college and looking at what degrees would be a good fit when I discovered Environmental Science and Policy. Since then, I’ve been very passionate about my sustainability practices. Sustainability is the key to ensuring we are providing a healthy environment for our future and not leaving them with our mess.”

Darline’s favorite way to go green? Staying in line with her RE-Think suggestion, she works to achieve a plastic-free lifestyle. Living in Southern California during this year’s massive drought, she also conserves water. Darline was already conscious about water conservation, but she’s really amped up her efforts in the past couple of years. She’s campaigned to have everyone in her family show off brown lawns from not watering – of which she’s very proud. She also cuts back on using excess water by avoiding long showers, efficiently doing dishes, and reducing laundry loads. Darline also goes out of her way to collect rain water for reuse.

Thanks so much to Darline for doing her part to RE-Think every day. Be on the lookout for more spotlights as we continue to find inspiring colleagues to share their sustainable stories.

Do you go Green? Contact us if you or someone you know at Macy’s has a green story to tell.