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The Best and Brightest – Your Go Green Tips

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We asked for your best green tips, and you blew us away with your creativity and insights! We received a lot of great ideas and pulled our favorites together to share with you. We’d also like to congratulate our five contest winners, chosen at random from contest submissions. (Read the complete contest rules.)

Our winners are:

Dora T., Macy’s Stores, Portage, MI

Bailey F., Macy’s Stores, Bloomington, MN

Shevella B., Macy’s Stores, Mishawaka, IN 

Devdatta M., Macy’s Technology, Marketing, San Francisco, CA

Iralene F., Stores, Wesley Chapel, FL


1. I run a dehumidifier all summer in my basement and use the water it collects (daily!!) to water my flower garden and potted plants outside. It’s a great way to save water.

Lisa Y., Macy’s Logistics and Operations, Cheshire, CT

2. Everyone needs to wash and dry clothes, and a washing machine is a good convenient option to clean. Instead of using the dryer, consider using a clothes drying rack or hangers on a clothesline to easily dry clothing outside or inside your home. This works in all seasons, even during winter. When it’s cold outside and the heat is on inside, the clothing will dry – and also return some moisture to the surrounding air. In warm weather, you’ll get the added benefit of the sunlight warming your clothes, so no ironing is needed – and clothes will have a good, sun-baked fragrance. What do we achieve? We reduce energy consumption, save some money, gain appreciation for the sun and air drying our clothes, add water back to the surrounding air, natural disinfection by the sun and joy at doing our part.

Devdatta M., Macy’s Technology, Marketing, San Francisco, CA

3. I am the signing lead at our Wiregrass Store in Wesley Chapel, FL. As part of our signing library, we have percentage point signs we use on a daily basis. These signs are nested in the sign holders to speed the signing process. To save sign paper and to make the signing process more efficient, I print on both sides of the signs – for example, 25 percent on one side, 30 percent on the reverse side. By doing this, we have doubled the number of signs we have for each. We won’t need to print more percentage signs for several years. It also speeds the signing process because we are handling less paperwork. It is a win-win situation.

Iralene F., Macy’s Stores, Wesley Chapel, FL

4. I live in a rural area and we have a well as our water source. Many times in the hot summer months, the water table drops and people are urged to limit their water usage. I like to grow vegetables and flowers, but as you know, these need regular watering to stay healthy and produce. I bought an 84-gallon rain barrel and attached it to one of my downspouts so that every time it rains, I collect the water and use it for watering my plants, though it’s way more water than I need for watering my garden and flower beds. Also, in the event of a power outage, I can use the rain barrel to get water for washing or flushing, because the top has a screen to keep out debris. I paid approximately $100 for this barrel, but I am saving electricity and my well every time I use it -not to mention that I get some extra exercise walking to the barrel instead of pulling the hose around with me.

Sandra E-S., Macy’s Logistics and Operations, Joppa, MD


1. At our Rosedale location, we re-use the back sides of printed paper for printing things like fulfillment picklists and product being returned to vendors.

Bill L., Macy’s Stores, Roseville, MN

2. The end of summer is a great time to clean out the closet to make room for new school clothes – and a great opportunity to donate the gently used items to our local clothing charity. We also reuse food containers from some of our local favorite restaurants we have frequented throughout the busy summer. If possible, we love to use the containers for small items like chips, pickle, or sandwiches. They’re easy to use again and again and even if they’re forgotten at school, it’s okay. After they’ve had a few too many uses, we place them in the recycle bin. Even though we are sad to see summer break come to end, we are happy to be back in the routine.

Bryan H., Macy’s Credit and Customer Services, Mason, OH

3. For camping trips, I save my empty toilet paper rolls and dryer lint, then add some leftover candle wax from unusable, burned out candles to make my own fire starters for campfires.

Heather M., Macy’s Credit and Customer Services, Tempe, AZ

4. Use biodegradable material to start seedlings or small plants inside your home. My favorite ones are paper egg crates: I put seedlings or small plants and a little bit of soil. Once they grow, I cut out that single egg cell and put it in a pot or in the ground with the crate. The crate breaks down, and I’m not disturbing the plant’s roots. Other materials that can be used are toilet paper or paper towel tubes, unbleached paper coffee filters, or small cone-like paper cups. Most of these items may be in your household already, so why not use them to get a start on that new veggie garden you’ve been planning?

Dora T., Macy’s Stores, Portage, MI

5. Whenever I sell a Charter Club down pillow in the packaging with plastic zipper case and handle, I suggest the customer reuse it to transport pillows if traveling, or use it to store sweaters or out-of-season clothing. Customers are grateful for this creative idea!

Rebecca S., Macy’s Stores, Newington, NH

6. My husband scours junk shops and thrift stores for old and/or broken items, then fashions them into jewelry. Items he uses include gears, old keys, old watch parts, broken safety pins. He even turned old garter fasteners into earrings (though I am afraid that most folks reading this won't even know what those are)! He uses old wood and sundry steel piping to make displays. His new passion is making lamps using old cameras, meat grinders, broken toys, old books, minnow buckets – even old jack stands. It is so much fun to go to antique stores, as I now see things with an eye to transforming them.

Laurie K., Macy’s Stores, Maplewood, MN

7. Solo quiero comentar que siempre veo que los empleados usan solo una vez los guantes para trabajar y se pueden rehusar lavandolos. Yo lavo y los uso bastante tiempo porque pienso que ayudo a poner menos basura al medio ambiente, estoy en picking y los guantes duran mas tiempo, se que el area de packing se gastan mas facilmente pero tambien se pueden lavar y rehusar. Rehusar los guantes ayuda a el medio ambiente a no tener extra basura tambien ayudaria a Macys a ahorrar dinero si se les dice a los empleados que se pueden lavar y rehusar.

English translation: I would just like to comment that I always see employees who only use gloves once at work, which can be reused if you wash them. I wash them and use them for a long time because I think that helps reduce waste and help the environment. I work in picking and the gloves (here) last longer. I know that in the packing area they probably don’t last as long, but I still think they can be washed and reused. Reusing gloves helps the environment as we will have less trash and will also help Macy’s save money, if you tell the employees that they can wash and reuse the (gloves).

Maria L., Macy’s Logistics and Operations, Goodyear, AZ


1. I have always been a big recycler. I’ll usually pick up things alongside the road that others have thrown away and repair or recycle them. And, I’m always looking for new ways to reuse and recycle both at work and at home. I reuse plastic bags, fix boxes that are still usable, and cut the ends of UPC labels to use as note paper.

Christine S., Macy’s Logistics and Operations, Martinsburg, WV

2. I think everyone should commit to recycle something, whether it’s plastic, cans, or paper. If everyone in the United States recycled, maybe we wouldn’t need landfills! I recycle paper and plastic and old batteries. (Green Living team note: you can find where to recycle batteries and other items with Earth911’s recycling search engine.)

Yvonne W., Macy’s Stores, Houston, TX 

3. My husband and I try very hard to go green. We recycle everything we can, and do our best to limit our electricity use and product waste. We take our own cloth shopping bags when we go shopping to avoid disposable plastic ones. If we can't avoid plastic shopping bags, we find places that recycle them. I am constantly repurposing old clothes, or giving them to family to use for various sewing projects and quilting. Instead of throwing out old furniture, we clean it up and refinish or reupholster it. It's like having brand new furniture. The best way we've gone green is by purchasing energy-efficient items for our home, like LED light bulbs, or going to "manual" use items. We used to have a K-cup brewing system, but we realized how many of those little plastic cups we were going through ... and most of them are not recyclable! We switched to using a French Press, and to grinding our own coffee beans in a turn crank grinder. We are using less electricity, no coffee filters or single-use coffee pods and our waste is considerably lower! Not to mention that we’re spending a lot less money. (Green Living team note: Many retailers accept disposable plastic bags for recycling, including Macy’s stores!)

Bailey F., Macy’s Stores, Bloomington, MN 

4. I recycle and put trash in trash cans to help the environment.

Shevella B., Macy’s Stores, Mishawaka, IN

5. When I cleaned out my parents’ basement and garage, I found numerous cans, bottles and boxes of chemicals, paints, pesticides, etc. I never just throw this stuff away; I always dispose of them responsibly. Since there’s a cost to do that, I called my siblings and went through the neighborhood to collect as many similar items as my car would hold, then took it all to the hazardous waste collection site. They charge $10.00 a carload, so everyone chipped in one dollar and it was all disposed of properly, instead of with the regular garbage where it could leak and contaminate groundwater.

Barb F., Macy’s Stores, Macy’s Stores, Madison, WI


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