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Go Green for Halloween

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Six Clever Tricks for Sustainability This Fall

Fall is in full swing, and a change of seasons brings a change in sustainable activities – at home and at work. If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, cool fall weather, and Halloween fun, we have some tips and, yes, tricks for you.

1. Make the most of your pumpkins. Get your pumpkin from your local farmers market or pumpkin patch (extra points if it’s organic), or grow your own! Roast the seeds and puree the guts after carving. Then, compost the shell when your Jack-O-Lantern has reached its final days.

2. Avoid the energy vampires. October is National Energy Awareness Month. Many people don’t realize that home appliances and office equipment that are left plugged in continue to suck up power even when they’re switched off.

  • Use a power strip. To save time and the hassle of unplugging all components of a computer or appliance, plug cords into one power strip, and unplug them all at once.
  • Check the label. Choose appliances or electronic devices that use the least standby power. Energy-Star-labeled models are ideal because they use less energy for both regular and standby operation.

3. Switch it up for longer nights. As the days become shorter, change out your light bulbs to LEDs to cut energy consumption by up to 70 percent. You’ll save power at home on a smaller scale, just like the Macy’s, Inc. investment in LEDs. According to our latest Report on Social Responsibility, more than 1.8 million LED lamps and fixtures have been installed in nearly all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores.

4. Give your outerwear an overview. With fall fashions now at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, it’s hard to resist getting a new, stylish jacket. Once you upgrade, make sure you donate your old, warm clothing to those who really need it or participate in a textile recycling program to make sure its materials are recycled.

5. Make your pumpkin spice extra nice. Recycle your hot coffee cups, or better yet, fill a reusable thermos or mug to make your hot fall drinks more eco-friendly. And skip the coffee sleeves. Get crafty with old socks for a colorful, upcycled replacement.

6. Get a programmable thermostat. These allow you to conserve energy during unoccupied times. Generally, select 68 to 70 degrees for heating and 74 to 76 degrees for cooling so that your home or office reduces energy-use when you’re not there, but is comfortable by the time you arrive.

The green from the leaves might be fading, but it’s the perfect time to fall in love with sustainability. Try these green tips just in time for autumn.

Have a tip for going green this fall or Halloween? Share it with us.


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