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Green Tips for Coffee Lovers

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How to Choose, Brew and Enjoy Coffee Sustainably

We are a world of coffee lovers. With more than 500 billion cups of coffee served worldwide each year, global demand for coffee is expected to increase up to 150 percent by 2050.

Macy’s, Inc. is proud to partner with Starbucks in many of our stores. Starbucks and many other companies are focused on sustainable and ethically sourced coffee. There are also many ways that you can help reduce your environmental impact and still enjoy a cup of java (or two) each morning:

  • Choose Whole Beans: When you compare the same size package of whole beans verses ground coffee, the whole beans package has more coffee. Even though you’ll need to grind it yourself, more coffee per package means less packaging, and likely less money, than buying pre-ground coffee. Plus, you’ll enjoy the fresher taste.
  • Buy Fair Trade and Organic Coffee: Coffee is produced in more than 70 countries on five continents. Even though many traditional grocery stores are increasing their organic, fair trade coffee selections, try to take it one step further and choose beans that are grown and prepared closest to you. By selecting organic, local and fair trade coffee, you're supporting ethical conditions for coffee harvesting, reducing pollution from shipping, and sipping a delicious, chemical-free drink.
  • Brew Your Own Coffee: Making your own coffee is a cheaper and greener option. If you can, invest in an energy-efficient coffee maker that has a reusable filter, which means no paper filter waste. Even better, buy equipment for manual brewing methods, such as pour-over or French press. They don’t require electricity to brew, just energy to boil water, which can be much less. Making your own coffee also lets you use your favorite mug and enjoy your favorite eco-friendly coffee, creamer and sweeteners.
  • Bring a Reusable Cup: If you love coffee shops and you can’t live without them, consider bringing your own reusable mug or thermos. This will help cut down on the use of disposable cups. You can bring your own cup to work, too. A while back, Macy’s removed all disposable cups, especially styrofoam, from office kitchens in Macy’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati and the New York City Herald Square offices. Many Associates bring their own thermoses or borrow the kitchen’s ceramic mugs to reduce waste.
  • Avoid Wasteful Fixings: Those plastic stir sticks, mini creamer cups and paper sugar packets contribute to landfill waste, as well. Buy bigger containers for your home, and encourage your local coffee shop to refill reusable containers with sugar and cream – it might also save them money. Skip the paper coffee sleeves, too, and make your own upcycled sleeve.
  • Reuse Your Grounds: Most coffee grounds and paper filters can be added to compost bins. Grounds also can be used in homemade beauty scrubs and masks, to fertilize gardens, to remove scratches from furniture, and many more creative uses.

Try all or a few of these tips for a greener, tastier cup of coffee. Do you have a green tip for enjoying foods more sustainably? Share it with us.


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