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Green Living FAQ

Whether you're new to going green or are a seasoned pro, everyone needs a reliable source to find answers to the questions that stop you in your tracks. Explore the most-common questions from Macy’s, Inc. associates and readers. We hope our answers help and inspire you in your earth-friendly efforts.


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Q: I work in the stores and get these questions often – why doesn’t Macy’s have public restrooms on the first floor and why is Macy’s using hand dryers now instead of paper towels? Help me with the answers so I can give our customers the answers. -Diane D., New York

A: Restrooms are not located on the first floor because…the first floors of our stores are typically the most trafficked square footage in the store. We choose to maximize the main floor to give our customers the convenience and accessibility to the products they buy in a compelling and logical adjacency to other merchandise categories. We use hand dryers to reduce the use of paper towels, trash and germs.
POSTED 09/10/14

Q: Do we sell our commodities directly to recyclers like cardboard, paper, plastic and hangers on the West Coast and other parts of the country? -Juancho F., California

A: We do recycle and receive income from the recycled commodities such as corrugate cardboard, paper and plastic film that we use. It’s collected for recycling from our stores, offices and distribution centers.
POSTED 09/10/14

Q: Can Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s start a shoe box recycling program? There are many shoe boxes tossed in the shoe departments that customers do not want. Can we help the environment by recycling unwanted shoe boxes? -Nadetta M., Bloomingdale’s Florida

A: All paper and cardboard products can and should be recycled via our in-store balers. If that is not happening in your location, I suggest you contact your operations executive and inquire as to what would need to happen to get this done!
POSTED 09/10/14

Q: I live in a city near the West Coast where plastic bags are banned in grocery stores. Customers are surprised that we are still using plastic bags. Are we looking at biodegradable plastic bags? I actually have a contact for biodegradable plastic bags. -Michael L., California

A: Our plastic bags are actually made largely from recycled products. We encourage our stores to follow the “bag it right” standards which will minimize the use of all bags. If you have a resource that can provide a product on scale to our company, please suggest they contact our purchasing department in Cincinnati.
POSTED 09/10/14

Q: How do you define paperless? -Dina B., New York

A: When we talk about paperless, we are referring to saving paper by going to electronic communications. Two examples: (1) customers can elect to receive their Macy’s credit card bill electronically (via their computer or mobile device) and also pay it electronically. The result is no paper was used by either the company or the customer. (2) When customers are shopping in our stores, they are asked at the point of purchase whether they want a paper receipt or want it emailed to them. If they decide the email receipt is best for them, no paper is used.
POSTED 09/10/14

Q: Our store recycles paper. Can we recycle other items as well? Our town has local recycling centers and I recycle cans and plastic at home. Can we get information to help us recycle soda cans and plastic containers in our store? -Tiffany L., Kentucky

A: Macy’s recycles paper, corrugated cardboard and plastic film, which accounts for the majority of the waste in our stores. We encourage our stores to seek local support for recycling bottles and cans which is often the easiest and cleanest method. I recommend you contact your local recycling center and work with your operations manager to see if we can get some local support.
POSTED 09/10/14

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