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Five Facts About Macy’s, Inc. Sustainability

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Macy’s, Inc. 2017 Report on Social Responsibility Highlights

It’s that time of year: The latest Macy’s, Inc. Report on Social Responsibility is ready to download and enjoy. The company is proud to share the results of its work in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As Macy’s, Inc. CEO, Jeff Gennette, said when introducing the report,

“Integrity and good corporate citizenship are part of Macy’s DNA. From responsible sourcing and sustainable practices to diversity policies and corporate governance, we are proud of our standards, but will always challenge ourselves to do more.”

Here are five highlights to give you a preview of the full report. Thank you to all Associates for their support of these initiatives and for their continued enthusiasm in helping make a difference in the world around us.

Download the 2017 Macy’s, Inc. Report on Social Responsibility

1. Dow Jones Sustainability Recognition: Macy’s, Inc. is proud to have been named again this year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, a family of best-in-class benchmarks for investors who recognize that sustainable business practices are crucial to generating long-term shareholder value and who wish to reflect their sustainability convictions in their investment portfolios. The company has been a member of the index since 2005.

2. Bloomingdale’s Sustainable & Mindful Shop: In 2017, introduced the Sustainable & Mindful Shop, a curated assortment of merchandise with recycled, charitable or sustainable attributes. Customers are able to shop products from dozens of vendors, such as TOMS shoes, Eileen Fisher apparel and S’Well water bottles.

3. More Digital Documents: In 2016, about 23 percent of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s billing statements were delivered to our customers electronically. In addition, the company now offers legal letters, such as privacy statements and regulatory notices, electronically. Learn more about how to select electronic credit card billing.

4. More Sustainable Apparel: This year Macy’s Private Brands (Macy’s Merchandising Group product-development organization) launched its Nominated Trim Supplier Program, which boosts supply chain transparency. To keep pace with the evolving regulatory requirements for U.S. products, we developed the program, partnering with suppliers that not only provide safe, high-quality products, but also understand and are committed to the importance of supply chain transparency. A trim supplier risks removal if it fails to meet or maintain the expectations of the program.

The group has updated and expanded the scope and requirements of this program to include all zippers, children’s metal-snap fasteners and other metal-trim components for Macy’s Private Brand apparel, accessories, footwear, home textiles and plush (not including labels or packaging material).

5. U.S. Department of Energy Recognition: For three years, Macy’s has achieved its energy savings goal as a part of the Better Buildings Challenge, a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to encourage leadership in energy innovation.

In a note to Macy’s, Inc. CEO, Jeff Gennette, in May 2017, Kathleen Hogan, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, wrote, “Your results are impressive. We commend you for achieving an overall 21 percent improvement in energy intensity across your entire building portfolio. We also applaud your leadership in sharing your experience ... this transparency will help others replicate your success.”

Have you read the latest corporate responsibility report? Download it now.

Then, tell us what you think and how you can help contribute to next year’s results.


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